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Jono El Grande - Hvaskjer 2016 (full concert)

Jono El Grande - The 2015 Concert

Jono El Grande & Poing

Jolo El Grantre is Jono El Grandes Xmas alter ego – based on a pun on the name; Jolo is resembling Jul (= Xmas), and Grantre means fir tree.

New album available NOW!

Buy limited edition LP on mint green vinyl here!

Interview with Jono El Grande on Norwegian radio, 25th of September.

Jono El Grande in Germany – 2011 – Full show

Eventually, the complete concert is available. Soundboard recording from Bad Doberan, 20 August 2011.

Complete concert: Oslo, Oct 2012

Composed, arranged and conducted by Jono El Grande.

Borrelia Boogie (Japanese Vocal Version) - Blå - 18 Oct, 2012

あなたの目が飛び出すので、私はお尻であなたをファックしましょう!私は空の軌道にあなたをファックしましょう、あなたのへそが薄い、長い 文字列にねじれているように!

Choko King - Blå - 18 Oct 2012

Jono le Grande Macabre, Blå 18.10.2012

Satans fin konsert. Glitrende vokalister. Lekkert gitararbeid. Tvers igjennom bra band. Spektakulært show. Mye moro. Gleder meg til ny plate.
:-D michael

Cinco minutos hasta la hora del espectáculo!

Jono El Grande - live from Bad Doberan, Germany, 2011

Utopian Dances, Jono El Grandes 1st LP

Listen to Utopian Dances at Soundcloud

Composed By, Arranged By, Recorded By, Producer, Design [Cover Design] – Jono*

Jono El Grande – Live In Wroclav, AvantArt Festival, Sept 26, 2010

A mastered mixboard recording of our concert at the AvantArt Festival in Wroclav, Poland, Sept 26, 2010, is now streamable – enjoy! Mastering by Tom Kvålsvoll at Strype Audio.

Jono El Grande – Live In Wroclav, AvantArt Festival, Sept 26, 2010 by Jono El Grande

The Choko King: Insanely Nerdy details on the songs on the album

From the numbered 300-copy LP version’s inner sleeve. Note that following liner notes are not available with the CD version. On the other hand, that one has a bonus track included instead – just to force you to buy both!

Side A

Jono El Grande Zappanale Concert 2011 Download

An audio recording of our German concert of 2011 is now finally available and may be downloaded at the wonderful forum of Zappateers.

Unmastered soundboard recording.

Interview from AlarmPress

The off-kilter art rock of Norwegian bandleader, composer, singer, guitarist, and kazoo player Jono El Grande is like candy to fans of Frank Zappa and whimsical, progressive rock. In his 10 years of playing with The Luxury Band (née The Jono El Grande Orchestra), he has released four albums, including the multi-layered Neo-Dada in 2009 and the raucous Phantom Stimulance this winter. Though he has enjoyed success in his native Norway, Jono’s delightfully eccentric music isn’t yet as well known overseas. Here he opens up about composing, why there’s no such thing as a “live favorite,” and how songs can take more than a decade to record.

German review

Der Künstlername, dessen sich der teilweise in New York lebende Norweger Jon

Andreas Håtun bedient, ist Programm: Jono El Grande ist ein Künstler, der

Insanely nerdy details on Phantom Stimulance (with lots of non-album versions on streamable audio)

Interview, ProgArchives.Com (by T. Fuglesteg)

Original interview by Torodd Fuglesteg at ProgArchives.com.

Encore from Avant Art Festival, Wroclaw.

Concert in Wroclaw, Poland, 26 Sept 2010.

Latest news on upcoming album

Official Jono El Grande album #4 is planned to be released Nov / Dec 2010.

First session with basic tracks, percussion, vocals and brass section was successfully recorded by Kai Andersen at Athletic Sound, Halden, Norway, 28 June – 3 July 2010.

Jono El Grande Society

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The Choko King (Rune Grammofon – 2011)

Phantom Stimulance (Rune Grammofon – 2010)

Neo Dada (Rune Grammofon – 2009)

Fevergreens (Rune Grammofon – 2003)

Utopian Dances (Krusedull Prod – 1999)

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